Red Pill & Ill Poetic - Instinctive Drowning [Instrumentals ]

Mello Music presents the instrumental version of Red Pill's "Instinctive Drowning" produced by Ill Poetic so that people can hear just went into making this important piece of their catalog. It's really incredible work involving forgotten art-punk 45s and foreign psyche funk, a wide range of musicians and singers, all combined.

"These are the instrumentals for my record with Ill Poetic, "Instinctive Drowning." I know for some people who may have gotten used to my previous "sound", some of these tracks might have been a little jarring. I think getting them in instrumental form, being able to sit and listen without my story, you'll really be able to hear how the narrative of the story took shape. Being able to focus on individual parts of the tracks, listening to how powerful and dope this music is on it's own, should give you a greater appreciation for just how dynamic Ill Po's production on this project is.

What spoke to me most about the production was the emotive quality. I feel music, I see the music in my mind as shapes and colors piled on top of each other and images form within those shapes and colors that tell stories. I see flashes of my life and the world around me when I listen to beats. Hiphop is a storyteller's art form and these beats helped me figure out what the story of the last few years of my life has been. I found my story in these beats. I hope you can see it." 

- Red Pill

"The music for this record was inspired by consuming an entire record store for six months and spitting out the weirdest finds. From forgotten art-punk 45s to Foreign Psyche Funk. Musically, from their, I called on my band and a wide range of musicians and singers to put their spin on it all. The record feels comforting, if only for the reason to jar you and throw you against a wall.

It wasn't until our final listening session of the complete project that I realized this record forever changed my perception of what an album could be. It just so happened to be I was involved. I've never had a project pull me in so deep, musically and emotionally, thrash me around, and leave me feeling like Will Ferrell floating in the "Old School" swimming pool, completely numb."

- Ill Poetic