Album Review: Rapsody - Crown

Rapsody's new EP "Crown" is her first major project since signing to Jay Z's Roc Nation. There are 10 tracks with features from Rafael Saadiq, Ab-Soul, Anderson .Paak and Moonchild.

Crown - The drums are softer but have a gritty edge to them. Rapsody doesn't waste time getting lyrical. She goes in from the jump, setting the tone for the rest of the album. The intro is dope, breaking down the title of the project and what it means.

Gonna Miss You - Rapsody keeps it current, throwing a NBA superstar, Demar Derozan reference in her rhymes. The beat is not too complicated. There are not a whole lot of samples and sounds used. It gives room for Rapsody to lace the track lyrically. Less is more when it comes to this track.

Tina Turner - She gets deep, speaking on her inclusive stance with different types of people, including people with turbans. It's very relevant right now with the results of the recent US election. There seems to be more of a nationalistic tone in the US, with people being less open to people who are different from them, whatever the differences may be. The light piano goes well with the drums.

#Goals - She raps about the pressure women have to look a certain way and going to the gym to look that way. She flips it by saying that people have different goals. Everyone can't look the same so we shouldn't focus so much on that. It's a strong message that people need to hear.

Mad - I like the baseline. It has n RnB groove to it. I also like that Rapsody used such a soft and beautiful voice to sing the word "Mad" throughout the track.

Take it Slow - Rapsody goes into detail on a relationship. We can all relate to the beginnings of a relationship. It may not have went down for you the same way she tells it, but the feelings are similar. It brings you back to the times when you went through it. The beat has a Cali vibe with electronic sounding vocals, not to be confused with the Auto-Tune that is popular these days.

Through with Him - The drums remind me of the Biggie track "Dead Wrong". The vocal sample adds a soulful blues feel to the beat. She delves into a relationship and the warning signs of a man not being faithful. There's a rant at the end where a woman is complaining about her relationship and she is "Through with Him". I'm sure a lot people can relate to this and similar struggles that can happen in a relationship.

2 AM - The beat is dope. It keeps you on your toes, as it switches up a couple of times. Rapsody stays on point with the flow. Ab-Soul brings his lyricism, raising the bar.

OooWee - The beat had me nodding my head from the start. Anderson .Paak adds vocals with his unique style, using "OooWee" as a part of the melody. It's very original and makes the vibe more harmonious. The guitar melody sounds dope. The pitch sways gradually which sounds really cool.

Fire - Rapsody puts a bow on the project with a strong take on the current state of the US and how not only black people, but how all different types of people are being treated unfairly. She is a freedom fighter and wants us to take action. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. She's a voice for those that aren't being heard.

Rapsody has but a beautiful project together. She shows her lyrical skill, while touching on relevant topics. Opening up about relationships helps you relate more with her on a personal level. She aims to get deep with this project, evoking emotion which can be hard to find in Hip Hop.

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Written by DJ Sub-T
Also contributing to Hip Hop Authority