Carneyval & Jackson Breit - It Ain't Love (Official Video)

Following their summer 2016 viral hit "Tell Me Something Good," Careneyval and Jackson Breit again joined forces last week on brand new single "It Ain't Love." Recapturing the essence of their summer hit, "It Ain't Love" saw the pair combine elements of funk and soul into a sonic package whose highlights include the mesmerizing vocals and trumpet of Jackson Breit and an upbeat rhythmic production provided by Careneyval.

"It Ain't Love" is about the hustle and struggles that come along with pursuing your dreams, particularly in the entertainment industry.  The song conveys the message that doing what you love is not enough to gain success in your field. It is the continuous grind and ability to ride the wave of highs and lows that define your career."
-Jackson Breit