Chicago's Lin-Z Drops Serious and Direct EP "Awetumn"

Chicago rap is definitely killing it these days. With artists like Chance The Rapper, Noname, Mick Jenkins, and SABA, at the helm, "Chicago rap" is becoming synonymous with diligently produced jazz beats and honest, emotional, and smart lyrics that are technically sound. But Chicago hip-hop goes past the big names. As far as I can tell, the current music scene in Chicago is expansive and rife with super talented artists working hard. Lin-Z is among those artists making music that feels true.

The 5-track EP, Awetumn, finds its strength in Lin-Z's flow and clever and honest wording. With lines like "Braids in my hair I think I'm Iverson / Play ball so I could've been with lighter skin" and "mama knocked on daddy's wood and shit I happened anyway" and "Feminist at age 5 / barbie's needed no kens / I tell em that it's rare that I smoke, I never drink / They said that I was never fun, but ask your girl when she's with you she never comes, um," Lin-Z had me hooked.

Logistics: you can purchase Awetumn on Bandcamp and follow Lin-Z on Twitter.