Emanon (Aloe Blacc & Exile) - Dystopia [EP]

Critically acclaimed hip hop producer, Exile, and singer songwriter, Aloe Blacc, have been making music together as Emanon for two decades. The two began making music as teenagers with no more than a four-track recorder, turntable, and a microphone. Creating cassettes for sale pre-internet, they built their fan base in Southern California, and it spread across the world.  The pair have released several underground mix-tapes and vinyl records throughout the years as Emanon, but have more recently found notoriety as independent artists.

Here they return with their new double EP Dystopia. which has the makings of a modern classic, revealing the darker side of Blacc's poetry and lyrical mastery, along with Exile's powerful sonic landscape of samples, beats, and signature audio effects.