Jam Baxter - Soi 36 (Video)

After over a year spent in a slight creative slump in a crumbling terraced house in Tottenham, Jam Baxter rang his label boss while heavily intoxicated to request they fly him to Bangkok forthwith, to rejoin forces with '...so we ate them whole' producer and engineer, Chemo. After an initial period of understandable hesitancy, the flights were booked and Baxter found himself suddenly regurgitated from the belly of a Jet Airliner into the magical and surreal surroundings of ‘Mansion 38’.

It seems right that Jam Baxter's two favourite tracks from the forthcoming 'Mansion 38' album, 'Teeth Marks' & 'Soi 36' be combined into a singular item, a limited edition hand numbered seven inch vinyl. This limited edition 7'' is available to pre order NOW and is seeing official release on the 15th of December 2016. Digital customers can pre order the EP from all good digital platforms and Bandcamp and will receive both vocal and instrumental versions of 'Soi 36' in advance.

To celebrate the long awaited return of Jam Baxter we have released a brand new video for 'Soi 36' to accompany the announcement of his brand new double A-Side single. The video was filmed late at night in Hanoi, Vietnam. The memories of the shoot are patchy at best, the camera follows Baxter on a turbulent night that ended with him waking producer Chemo up at 6am to demand they get fitted for matching white suits.