Snowgoons ft Sean Strange & Sicknature - We Won't Die

A few days after the release of the insane Goon Bap, Snowgoons strike again by releasing the visuals for We Won't Die.

Featuring Sean Strange & Sicknature, the track criticizes modern Hip Hop by representing it as Zombies. The Snowgoons are here to find a cure with the help of Aspects and heal Hip Hop like it deserves to be healed. W
ith insane verses and flows by one of the Goons : Sicknature and The New-York Giant : Sean Strange. The rise of Underground Hip Hop is here and it won't die !

Featuring Aspects, Resin, Joseph Grimm, Jackson the Dog, Dj Illegal and Det Gunner, the video is produced by Reel Wolf Production and directed by Tom Vujcic.

Zombie played by Mr. Erbie 

We Keep Hip Hop Alive