Twane Picaso x Rodd.D - Game 6

In celebration of his birthday, South Carolina artist Rodd.D teams up with brother, Twane Picaso for the Raisi K produced track “Game 6”which brings back that soulful/lyrical sounds we are accustom to hearing from Rodd.D. In hindsight this track helps put Rodd.D’s artistic range on display with a sudden reminder of his primary element. Lead by Kumo Machi’s artist, Twane Picaso, “Game 6” paints a vivid picture of two tales. Picaso’s perspective is from that of a young athlete dwelling through life’s cycle looking to get his “medicine” before the game.While Rodd.D paints the picture from the perspective of the supplier. This tracks provides a great sense of imagery, along with great instrumentation from Raisi K.