Willis The Lion Releases Centering and Honest Album "The Color Willis"

Willis The Lion has had a prolific year, releasing a series of albums and EPs that give us a glimpse at the up-and-coming artist's progression. His most recent album, The Color Willis, is honest, centering, and nostalgia melancholic. With lines like "I need a cigarette / she found me on the internet" paired with jazzy beats, Willis The Lion captures something that feels simultaneously modern and like a throwback. With this album, more so than his others, Willis The Lion lets his voice relax, hovering in the monotone. On the track 13 Savage, Willis The Lion raps "I can make a trap song too" over a trap beat. The content and beat paired with the rapper's affected monotone results in a track that is a subtle dig at the simplicity of trap music while maintaining a solid listenability. At the risk of conflating content and the rapper, The Color Willis is diligent and honest in addressing depression with lines like "My depression has caused a lot / I know it sucks, I'm grateful for what I got" and "depression wearing on the cuff of my sleeve." The rapper also has a way of using concise and substantive phrases; my favorite: "What if god was just a version of me?"

The album is a good and mellow listen, check it out:

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