ANE - R.S.D. (Video)

There's an undeniable mystique to ANE. The beautiful Korean-American singer-songwriter from New Jersey creates music that is subtle, yet heady and equally consuming. Her latest single "R.S.D" is no exception, and today, she relinquishes the song's sultry music video, directed by Jayne Lies.  

"R.S.D. is a song about toxic love. It's the kind of love that captivates you and consumes you at the same time. You blindly fall into this trap where you would rather crash and burn together than make it out alone. The original name for the song was called "Fatal Love" but I changed it to "R.S.D." because I wanted it to be more elusive. The acronyms stand for the words in the chorus but at the same time can allude to being a drug because at the end of the day that is what this kind of a love is." ANE