L'Orange - Koala EP (REVIEW)

Grand, Monumental sounding instrumental hip-hop. Good music. That's what the seven track 'Koala EP' from producer L'Orange is.

Track 1 "Easily" sounds like something MF DOOM would hop on, while track 2 "consider" (which is my favorite track) sounds like something Kool Keith would be a part of.
Track 3 "Counting Breaths" is the most colorful track on the project.
Track 4 "Rest Like Pollen" is like Counting Breaths in the aspect that it's more diverse than the first two tracks.
Track 5 "Months Passed" is a little more gloomy and the "I will wait for you" vocal sample goes perfect with the title and theme of the track.
Track 6 "Heaven Sent" and Track 7 "Gin & Nitrogen" have some swing/jazz vibes. Very reminiscent of Cortex - "Troupeau Bleu" classic French Jazz album from 1975, one of the most sampled albums in Hip-Hop history. 

Overall, a solid 3.5-3.75/5 (7-7.5/10). Video review link on YouTube provided below.