Most Anticipated Movies of 2017! Yeah, You Read That Shit Right!

What’s fucking good OK-Tho fam? Our group, X-plicit CritiKKKz, is new to this site, and by new I mean this is our first post! We’ll hopefully have many more to come though. A little background would be that we are a youtube channel that just keeps it a buck at all times. Believe us, that already is anomalous in the youtube community with all this fake shit flying around! However, to add to margin of difference between US and “them” we ain’t afraid to show our interests and talk about them like nerds, which leads us into even more questionable territory, when “competing” channel members look like they haven’t made it out they mom’s basement in a few years. We got your undercover superhero, movie, and music interests on lock. You want a channel of pale bitch boys that look like they probably get stomped out by they own bedbugs every night? Yeah, that ain’t us! You want a group of real muthafuckas that you can actually relate with, but who also cover topics that seem to NEVER be talked about by anybody other than dudes who would clutch their “purses” tighter and choose the other side of the street if they saw you? Shit, we got that on lock! Now if you ain’t already got what we about from that long ass description, then I encourage you to peep our youtube page and join the ever-growing X-plicit fam so we can start taking a bigger piece of this section of the media that seems to be a breeding ground for fake, unrelatable, bitches. 

So with all that shit being said here is what you probably clicked for! 

These are some of the most anticipated movies of 2017!

Disclaimer: This is purely based on opinion and personal interest! Will all of these be the top movies of 2017 critically? Doubt it, but some of them will be huge box office hits and some others will be Oscar-bait type movies! I have narrowed down the list to 12 titles in no particular order, with “honorable mentions” at the end. 

Release Date: Jan. 20 (US, UK), Jan. 19 (AU)
This movie looks crazy as fuck! The films looks to be following a group of 3 girls who are kidnapped by a man who has 23 different personalities. So, the chicks are trying to figure out which ones are helpful and which ones are hostile, which sound like a dope concept. With M. Night Shymamalan directing this one, it may turn out to be some failure with some wack ass twist near the finale of the movie that ruins the whole experience. However, this is the most promising a film of his has looked in years. It has also been gaining many positive reviews from festivals where people been seeing it ahead of its release. 

Get Out
Release Date: Feb. 24 (US), Mar. 17 (UK) 

This has got to be the most interesting and original, that a horror movie has looked in a minute. From the mind of Jordan Peele, made famous by the sketch comedy show Key and Peele, comes a horror movie that should hit home for many who are dating outside of their race. Especially with blacks who are dating whites. The trailer revealed that dude (black) is going to meet his girl’s family (white). What seems like a routine thing, quickly turns into a nightmare when dude finds out all the blacks have went missing from this particular town where her family stays. If that don’t get you interested, then go peep the trailer, that shit was bonkers! 

Release Date: Mar. 3 (US, UK)

This shit is finally here, the day all of us comic book movie lovers knew was inevitable. The  retirement of Hugh Jackman from his Wolverine portrayal. Still surprised this happened before Stan Lee tapped, but lets not talk about that sad shit. This will be the final appearance as Wolverine for Jackman unless Ryan Reynolds (aka DEADPOOL) can suck enough dick to convince him to appear in a X-Force or Deadpool movie in the future. The events of this film are going to loosely follow the Old Man Logan storyline, and by loosely, I mean WHORE levels of loose. But you already knew that if you been watching how Fox has been raping the X-men franchise over the years. Still this is exciting, especially the prospect of Hugh Jackman, who really is a tremendous actor, being involved so heavily in the production and shaping of his last X-men involved story. It almost makes you think it might be great in the end, but I wouldn’t bet on it. If you already seen the trailer, and all the hype that shit was getting, let me drop some knowledge on you. WATCH THE TRAILER WITH THE SOUND OFF. WACK ASS TRAILER, is the only description. They can fool you with that perfectly fitting music, but throw that out and that shit was lackluster as fuck! 

Kong: Skull Island 
Release Date: Mar. 10 (US, UK), Mar. 9 (AU)

This may just be a personal interest, but I love King Kong. I like most Kaijū films, but King Kong has always been more serious and hit home more than any huge Godzilla type could. King Kong has always had an underlying message, and Godzilla is always the same shit. We know that “playing God” is bad and “oh save the environment bullshit” and also "don't mess with mother nature." This reboot to the King Kong franchise is kind of bitter sweet because I thought the world and island Peter Jackson (director) brought to life in the most recent King Kong film was almost perfection. It would have been dope to have been able to explore that world more in a prequel/spinoff or something. I’m grateful that we getting this new one though, as we will be seeing the BIGGEST KONG that has ever been on screen besides the one in King Kong vs Godzilla, which is mad old. Hopefully with the all star cast this movie has and the level of CGI and motion-capture that is available now we can have another worthy addition to the King Kong pantheon. Also, this will be a set up for Kong and Godzilla to brawl in an upcoming movie, I don’t know how my boy Kong gunna make it out alive, but whatever. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Release Date: May 5 (US), Apr. 28 (UK) 

I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’m hooked on a feeling, that this movie will be better than the first GOTG! If you haven’t seen it, then aight, superhero movies might not be one of your interests, because if they are, then don’t sleep on it, or any Marvel Studios production for that matter. This movie will have more of the same that made the first one so enjoyable, and will continue to expand what James Gunn can get away with in a pg-13 Marvel/Disney film. Shout out to Gunn though for making that movie exceed my expectations. Fun fact, me and the homie Mooks, and my girl Johnny Boi, were at a special Marvel event and James Gunn said “FUCK YOU” to those in the audience who hadn't seen GOTG. Even though I already had mad respect for him prior to that, that shit got boosted when I head that, even if it was a joke. 

Wonder Woman
Release Date: June 2 (US, UK), June 1 (AU) 

The DCEU (DC extended universe, what they call their connected film universe) will change the game with this one. Naw, probably not, but you wouldn’t know that if you talked to one of these die hard DC fans who overhype every failure of a movie that Warner Bros/DC has put out so far. I am trying to be optimistic despite the past track record of the DCEU, but it makes it easier to be content with DC’s failure when DC fanboys diss our channel ever day because we are much bigger Marvel fans. Personally though, I am not a big fan of Wonder Woman, but that second trailer looked dope and made me excited for the possibility and potential of this movie. Keep your excitement at a realistic level though, because the director of Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins) said that Suicide Squad was amazing, and she didn’t understand why it got so much hate. That can tell you something right there, but maybe you want that type of movie. I don’t. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Release Date: July 7 (US, UK) 

SPIDERMAN, the most popular Marvel comic character is back at his rightful home. Well, naw not really. Marvel Studios is calling the shots on this new Spiderman it seems like. Only because Sony got rammed in the ass with all their emails and shit getting leaked, and their stocks took a muthafuckin plummet, and The Amazing Spiderman 2 was one of the WACKEST superhero movies I can even think of. The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, what Marvel Studios calls their connected film/tv universe) overlord Kevin Feige, are going to great lengths to make this Spiderman movie the one that everybody has been waiting for, even if they didn’t already know it. That is exciting for any Marvel/Spiderman fan, even though I actually ain’t a huge Spiderman Fan. I am sure Marvel will make this movie enjoyable at the very least, but you can expect this to get very good reviews as well. Marvel ain’t dropping the ball on this one. They didn’t make this agreement with Sony for nothing, they’ll cherish the opportunity to discreetly show the audience how WACK Sony truly was at making Spiderman movies. 

War for the Planet of the Apes
Release Date: July 14 (US, UK), July 13 (AU) 

What more is there to say? This is the 3rd movie in the reboot/remake series of Planet of the Apes. They have been solid so far, with great performances and amazing motion capture work by Gollum/King Kong/Supreme Leader Snoke (aka Andy Serkis) and his team. The visuals in those movies have been stunning and are much easier to watch then going back to the old Planet of the Apes movies and trying to not cringe at some of the costumes. Not, to say they weren’t poppin at the time, but you know, we younger folk don’t appreciate old cinema as much as we should. I am definitely excited for this movie, but because we already know almost exactly what is going to happen, or at least the outcome, this might be a little lower on my actual list. Still though, I am sure there are tons of people that can’t wait for this film. 

Kingsman The Golden Circle
Release Date: Oct. 6 (US), Sept. 29 (UK), June 15 (AU) 

Ay, the first Kingsman was DOPE, and heavily slept on, at least here in the U.S. it was. Matthew Vaughn, the director, has been on a solid streak for providing great movies and I am almost sure this won’t end it. The first one came out of nowhere for me, and after I saw it, I probably saw it 2-3 more times before it bounced from theaters. It was a perfect parody/better version of the James Bond archetype. If we can get more of these types of movies in the future, we should all be excited. 

Thor: Ragnarok
Release Date: Nov. 3 (US), Oct. 27 (UK) 

Here IT IS! The movie I am most excited for for 2017! Is that corny? Do I give a fuck? The answer is NO! Now is Thor my favorite character in the MCU? (remember that from earlier?) Naw, he ain’t, but HULK is and I am hoping for a good amount of him in this movie. It is already confirmed that aspects of the “PLANET HULK” storyline from the comics will be included in this movie, which could only get me more hyped if they were actually doing a full on Planet Hulk movie. I know that ain’t realistic so I will have to settle with this. However, Hulk ain’t the only thing to be excited for in this movie. The director is dope as fuck and definitely going to be one that gets his due recognition one day. (Taika Waititi) The cast is bonkers as well, go peep the imdb page and you’ll see what I mean. If the first two Thor movies weren’t really your thing, then hopefully this movie can make up for those, as it seems to be going for a completely different feel. If you know anything about Marvel then some of the names that are confirmed for this movie will just make you more excited. 

Justice League
Release Date: Nov. 17 (US, UK), Nov. 16 (AU) 

If you a big DC fan or just watched superhero cartoons as a kid then this is THE MOVIE that you have been probably waiting for since you were a kid. Well it will finally be here and it will probably SUCK DICK! Naw, I’m just playing, after all the “failure” DC/WB has had they should have learned from all the mistakes they have made, as well as those that their competitor (Marvel) has made. This movie should be unbelievable, but I would not doubt it if it turns into another missed opportunity. The potential for these DC movies is exponentially higher than almost any Marvel property, but they continue to fuck up in situations that would seem almost impossible to do so. We’ll see what happens, I would love for this movie to be great, but if it is anything like Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice, then I can’t see that happening. 

Star Wars: Episode VIII
Release Date: Dec. 15 (US, UK, AU) 

Despite how WACK Star Wars: Episode VII was, how it was a complete re-hash of a New Hope that they shoved down your throats. The movie still went on to be the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time and the #1 highest grossing movie in the U.S. of all time. However, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was a big improvement on episode 7 and that hopefully bodes well for Episode 8. I don’t know about that though, because if people loved 7 so much, then why would they change it? It’s the Transformers syndrome all over again, but with a much more beloved property. If you are a Star Wars fan though, I am sure this is one of your most anticipated movies of 2017 and there is no shame in that. Star Wars' popularity is almost unfathomable! Is it deserved? Some would argue yes and others would say no. I tend to answer towards the former, but I don’t agree with many Star Wars fans on blindly loving almost every movie. I'll say this once again, 7 was WACK, the newer characters were likable, but that was not enough to save itself. 

Here are some other films that SOME OF YOU may be really looking forward to:
John Wick: Chapter 2
T2: Trainspotting
Beauty And the Beast
Power Rangers
Ghost In The Shell
The Fate of the Furious
Alien: Covenant
Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales
The Mummy
Cars 3
Transformers: The Last Knight
Despicable Me 3
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
The Dark Tower
Blade Runner 2049

We’ll catch you next time, if you liked what you read here, believe me there is a lot more where that came from, and make sure to check our youtube channel if you feeling it. 

XC Founder- Callous Allan