Oakland's Legendvry Drops Single "Adding Up" ft. Rexx Life Raj

Legendvry is among the artists comprising the mighty contemporary hip-hop scene in the bay area. These fellow artists include names like Elujay, Rayana Jay, Tia Nomore, YMTK, and featured rapper Rexx Life Raj.

This past summer the Oakland rapper released an EP titled Præy for the Weæk. Nastia Voynovskaya elegantly described the EP in the East Bay Express: "Amid high-energy hustling anthems, it contains reflections on the impacts of systemic inequality — evictions, gun violence, and a lack of educational and economic opportunities that leave people feeling disenfranchised and hopeless. But in acknowledging these realities, the EP emerges as a robust, defiant rallying cry for change."

Produced by Wax Roof and featuring Rexx Life Raj, "Adding Up" is a reflection on the small or big things that pile up, from bills to the way people treat you. In some ways, the single feels like a personal depiction of adult responsibility, an acknowledgement of difficulties mixed with the rappers' maxims. 

Listen here:

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