Ran Reed ft Bumpy Knuckles - Pathetic M.Cs + Doo Doo (Video)

Ran Reed is strong-arming 2017 with the impending release of his new compilation LP, 'Still Commanding Respect,' with a double-feature video for standout tracks “Pathetic M.C.’s” and “Doo Doo.”

As they appear on the project, the songs include guest features—Bumpy Knuckles and DJ Modesty, respectively—but the focus in this clip remains on solely on Reed. And rightfully so, because the tri-state area artist served as the project’s primary beat conductor. Not only did he write the super-gutter bars, but he produced the equally grimy instrumentals for both “Pathetic M.C.’s” and “Doo Doo.”

The video is directed by the Last American B-Boy, a multi-talented artist known for his raw approach that typically captures emcees in their element. For Reed, that means holding the camera’s attention while spitting his hard-nosed rhymes.