Royal Ruckus Ft Cookbook & Eligh - Lost Boys

From South Florida back to his roots in California, Chunjay of Royal Ruckus enlists help from Los Angeles staples Cookbook of LA Symphony and Eligh of the Living Legends for the latest single from the upcoming double disc album, "The Summer of Cicadas". The song, "Lost Boys", is an emotional journey through pain, loss and grief arriving at a lit tunnel's end. The single is 1 of 30 songs available for pre-order now at and features names such as Pigeon John, Cookbook, Joey the Jerk, Eligh and more.

The album name refers to the insect species who live most of their lives underground dreaming of the one day they surface. Once reaching the surface they truly live life but for a very short time before meeting death. The soundscape is a collection of influences from boom bap to electronic laced by the unconventional rap outfit known as Royal Ruckus.