The High Breed - Underground Sound (Video)

It seems the UK has been breeding the dopest of boom gap artists and hip hop group The High Breed stand as a symbol creating new, innovative and thought provoking music. Advocating self empowement and awareness the crew released their self titled EP. Off the project comes their latest video for Tommy Xiao Ji directed "Underground Sound" where the duo rock conscience lyrics over a hard body beat.

"Underground sound is demonstrative of the direction this hip hop group is headed for their next venture. Delivering a mixture of hip hop, funk and rock creating a futuristic electro psychedelic and transcendental sound using guitar rifts and synth melodies. The lyrics are delivered in a fresh and colourful way really adding zest and power bouncing along the beat with rhythm giving the MCs (Medicine Man & The Seer) a chance to weave skilfully in and out, Bouncing back and forth harmoniously. Taking rap to higher dimensions!"