UZOO - Get Over Here (Video)

While 2016 was coming to an end, one of the greatest things for Connecticut was just starting to begin. The formation of the supergroup UZOO. Described as a  "bunch of wild animals that escaped the zoo", some of the dopest acts of the state including emcee's, producers and filmmakers alike create this incredible crew of talent. 

After a few intro video skits introducing us some of the members, UZOO finally release their first visual and single which comes from the general of the group Joey Batts. Dressed in fur like he was out of a Game Of Thrones episode, Joey continues his signature antic wordplay as he fluently glides over the hard organ heavy back drop from fellow member and producer Rudy of the duo Clas!ck while the rest of the click join in to help bring out the colorful and simplistic video directed by Detelj.

Hoping to hear more from my hometown heroes, you can stay tuned as I will no doubt post more from these underrated prodigy's. Let's get a project together fellas!