Venomous 2000 - Sounds of the Great Ones (REVIEW)

Indie MC Venomous 2000 is back again with his 10th studio album 'Sounds of the Great Ones'.

Track 1 'Introduction' is an interesting and different type of intro track. There is animated storytelling to the excited kids of the album cover, who are taken away by the story and the exotic record player on display.

Track 4 'Homecoming' ft. Profetesa Beats & Marie Kanu, is the most personal and heartfelt track on the album. Tales of heartbreak, loss of loved ones, and the want to be a better person are the subjects.

Track 6 'My Grandma Used to Say' which again features Profetesa Beats & Marie Kanu, is a song which expresses the importance of not glorifying material things, and to just pray when times get tough, because grandma said it'll be ok.

Track 7 'Products of Enviroment' ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Cella Dwellas, in a nutshell is saying "Hand around it, you will become it."

Track 8 'Marvelous (Planet- III)' is perfect to ride, vibe, and take it all in to. Very braggadocious lyrics and delivery.

Track 9 'Make Ya Speakers Pop' ft. 9th Prince, Inspectah Deck, NLZ, & DJ TMB, is that hip-hop like the MC's featured say. Traditional sound, grand, monumental hip-hop.

Track 10 'Psalms 76' is very deep with a very up tempo beat and delivery, you really have to keep up.

Track 11 'It's Over ft. DJ TMB - The perfect outro track for this project. It sounds like something you'd hear being played at the end of a hip-hop documentary.

Track 2 'Know Things' ft. DJ TMB, Track 3 'Hot Damn' ft. The Artifacts, Tiye Phoenix, and DJ Trickalome, and Track 5 'Rock The Bells' ft. Reks, C-Rayz Walz, and DJ TMB, are your classic hardcore hip-hop sounding tracks.

Rhymes = 3.5/5

Content = 3.5/5

Beats = 3.5/5

Overall = 3.5/5