ZELLi Drops Gilded Video for "Solid"

ZELLi's recent EP "SOLID" is a compelling mixture of darker, harder beats with a party lilt and the rapper asserting her dominance. On the 5-track EP, ZELLi's default bpm is low, but she has a nice ability to mix it up (see the final track).

Though it features male rapper Feezable The Germ, the video for the track "Solid" is female dominated, which I always enjoy. The female imagery is similar to that found in male rapper's videos -- pretty women on display -- but with ZELLi's powerful presence as the anchor, the female image takes on new meaning. It's one of female power, not exploitation. Plus the frame by frame is just really nice, with close ups of the rapper covered in gold paint. So when ZELLi says "I'm solid" you can't help but complete the phrase with "gold."

Watch here: