Adrian Gamboa ft Indie Thot, Molly Quezada & Justyn Jay - Places (Video)

Riverside, California based rapper AG brings you the latest visual for his track ‘Places’. The sweeping video directed by NOTFOR$ALE videographer Sterling Hampton takes viewers through Southern California, from AG’s home base Riverside to his future spelled out in the Hollywood hills. AG takes on his generation’s struggles, fears and the pursuit of fame with his signature lyricism, rapping over a reminiscent Lykke Li sample which he manipulated and used to produce the track himself. The video’s use of imagery from abandoned gas stations, open fields and empty beaches suggest the potential AG finds in his surroundings. Just like these empty landscapes, AG has a clean slate in front of him and the opportunity for growth is endless. It’s a reminder that it doesn’t matter where we come from or where we’re currently at, as long as the passion is there you can make it. ‘Places’ is about finding your voice as a young artist. It’s about not losing yourself in the rush to become rich and famous, it’s about staying humble, dreaming big and keeping your roots close to your heart.