Agallah Don Bishop & Duke Westlake - 3-Day Theory [Album]

Introducing 3-Day Theory, an incisive new release on The Order Label by rap icon Agallah Don Bishop and inventive producer Duke Westlake. Classic flow and creative rhythms dominate the album, which is sliced through with sophisticated wordplay and excellent production.

Together, Agallah Don Bishop and Duke Westlake have crafted an album of clarity and substance. 3-Day Theory unveils itself over ten tracks of serious boom bap hip-hop, resulting in a potent combination of sharp rhyme deliveries over glorious production. 
Mesmerizing streams of music and lyrics roll thick inside a hazy, surreal world. Tracks heave, flip, and surprise with raw edges and gripping moments. Teeth sink in. Children stare. Beats lean back and rhymes converge into a new idea: 3-Day Theory.