Ayatollah & Drasar Monumental "Box Cutter Brothers 4" Album Sampler

After his work with MF Grimm on their "Good Morning Vietnam" series, Vendetta Vinyl artist Drasar Monumental links back with vet producer Ayatollah for the 4th installment of their "Box Cutter Brothers". 


Drasar Side: 
A1: Born Bozo's
A2: Atomic Bars
A3: Apex Predator Blades
A4: Twinz ft. Hogon Plus
A5: Nation Of N*** Sympathizers
A6: Surrounded By War Mongers

Ayatollah Side:
B1: What A Brother Know
B2: World Of Boom Bap
B3: Strange Things
B4: Salvation
B5: Deep
B6: Dr. Botanist