LNDN DRGS - P On The DRGS (EP Review)

The west coast duo, LNDN DRGS, has been keeping pretty busy lately. Consisting of emcee Jay Worthy, and producer Sean House, the two have solidified themselves as a duo to reckon with. Between being involved with singles like "On Sight," and Jay still said to be cooking up a project with Cardo and G Perico, the two were also able to gift us with P On the DRGS. The 7 track EP released this past January is a bicoastal collab with A$AP Mob member and in-house producer, P On the Boards. Known for production on some high-profile bangers such as "Bath Salt" and "Jay Reed," it was interesting to see how one of Harlem's finest would manage on a co-production gig with two of Hip-Hop's funkiest.

As an overall toast to the beloved A$AP Yam's, it is appropriately reminiscent of one of LNDN DRGS' finest bangers, "Uza Trikk". The project sees collaborations from Earl Swavey and G Perico, as well as A$AP affiliates $Ha Hef and Aston Matthews. It opens up strong, reeking of some early 80's funk as expected, with Jay Worthy and Earl Swavey exercising their usual camaraderie. The tone of the intro doesn't set up any sort of crazy, high context, plot-driven concept album, which is a positive. It stands as a nice little preface to what is to come of this 7-track, drugged out, sample-riddled groove-fest.

Seeing The Bronx's $ha Hef on the track list before the first listen served as a curiosity, but it worked. It's not that the Sean House sound is far out of $ha's range, he just stands out amongst the rest of the features. The track is not a filler, but a tad underwhelming. It blends well into its follow up "Codeine Fountains," which sounds even nicer when considering it's title. On the vaporwave-esk production, Jay effortlessly spills out some smooth bars and a hook that touches on his codeine access, ballin' out, etc. The project fittingly turns more G-Funk for the G Perico dominated track, "Movin' Around". Cuts like "Professional" seem to almost boast on perfecting the wavy, substance induced lifestyle. Then, on arguably the dopest instrumental on the tape on, Jay and Aston deliver two of the most standout verses for "La La". The cloudy "Y Not" fits as a nice cap to the project to wrap it all up, pondering on certain ideas leading Jay to ask, why not?

Overall, taking the timeliness according to LNDN DRG'S recent/expected workload, the features (foremost P on the Boards), the briefness, along with some other aspects, P on the DRGS is a solid listen. The thing left to wonder is how Sean House and P on the Boards split up their side of the work. Nonetheless, it doesn't really matter, the production was clean as always.  For the LNDN DRGS die hards, maybe some of the tracks have a redundant sound, but I think they will feel more inclined to download the tape and give it some good air time. And maybe it feels like more of something to hold us over, but it's hard to take away from the highlights. With odes to their good friend A$AP Yams, thoughts on women, guest spots from some cronies, and oh of course drugs, P on the DRGS doesn't miss the mark with the sample-heavy, 80's infused G-Funk we all know and love from LNDN DRGS.

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