[OK-Tho Premier] Greaseball x Beat Bruisers - Steezy Devil (Video)

Hailing from California is newcomer Greaseball. Baring a dark and twisted style, the homie links with Beat Bruiser member Suplex who made the eerie and haunting vibes especially for his forthcoming EP The Burgundys. In the track we get a perfect picture from Greaseball as he impressively flows fluently while ghostly performing some incredible wordplay.

As for the video we get a dope vintage feel as the emcee plays chicken with the devil while he and Suplex look for a spot to record. They eventually break in to someone's garage who actually has a studio setup. The duo record before getting caught and break out to ensue more mischief in the neighborhood. Of the track Suplex states:

"The Steezy Devil record is a vintage piece. A touch of flashbacks from the dark ages! The beat for Greaseball I had in mind. Was a back in the day boom bap vibe. A very simple beat. Heavy drums and bass. Simple cord structure. A chanting ambient choir that intensifies through out the song. As soon as Greaseball heard the beat. I got an mp3 from him the next day!"

Stay tuned for more madness and be on the lookout for The Burgundys EP coming soon.