#ProducersCorner: Petijee - Soul Paper Scissors

With playful title Soul, Paper, Scissors and purple hand-crafted cover, Slovakian producer Petijee is finally introducing his full-length debut album. This cohesive instrumental project for hard-demanding listeners presents soulful moods next to mellow layers and sweet tunes through the whole time of 10-track release. Petijee is showing up his sampling and piano skills with sophisticated arrangements and color synth textures while he doesn’t forget to have some time for fun and play.

Including vocal and music feature from american musician Miles Bonny and common guitar jam with Josephine, Petijee is celebrating his love for slow soul tempo and jazzy vibes in one place. With help of Czech label Humble Grooves, you can play your own Soul, Paper, Scissors game on vinyl or just enjoy and spread with online listening.