The Boombox Collection: w/ Zion I

Director Mohammed Gorjestani says, “The Boombox Collection: Zion I” is the second film of the “Boombox Collection”,  a cinematic and intimate portrait and performance series peering into the minds of the pioneers of “working class” hip hop. Artists who have shaped our attitudes and perspectives of the world for nearly 20 years. Artists who have been steadfast in their choice not to rap about “money, power, and bitches,” and instead share their knowledge, wisdom, at the cost of mainstream acceptance. These are artists often referenced and revered by mainstream artists and influencers. 
Growing up, Zion I, was one of my favorite artists and helped me piece together my psyche as an adolescent. Listening to Zion I, along handful of other underground artists I think shaped me emotionally and taught me to value introspection, critical thinking, and self struggle in a way that wasn’t taught in the classroom, and certainly not in the mainstream.  I’ve always have felt indebted to artists like Zion I. Their music often completed thoughts I couldn’t quite grasp fully, or we’re catalyst to my own creative ideas. This series is a very small way of me giving back, and trying to capture these artists cinematically with the goal of representing them authentically. These guys are getting older, they are evolving, growing wiser. I really wanted to dig into that.