Wiki x Your Old Droog - What Happened To Fire? (EP REVIEW)

Two of New York's best up and coming MC's come together one time for Hip-Hop with this collaborative effort in the form of a five track EP. Wiki representing RATKING, and Your Old Droog who has his second studio album scheduled to drop March 10th. This project has an impressive production line up starring Statik Selektah, Black Milk, and AraabMUZIK & !llmind.

With the first track 'We Like Ourselves' both MC's are speaking on what critics exploit about them, Droog actually downs himself a bit when says he doesn't know what this girl sees in him because he was never cute. They also say that people really want to be like them, while they simply like being themselves, two weed loving dudes, and not everybody else.

On the second track 'What happened to Fire' you have both MC's calling out all haters, hypocrites, snakes and MC's they know they're better than in a very secure way. Both seem very secure that they're fire, and they just have to ask what happened to the rest of the fire spitting MC'S? I love the jazz vibes infused into the song.

Track three 'Vigilantes' is an eerie tale of both MC's performing street justice by hunting down and killing a man who has to reap what he sows. They had to end up doing the dirt because they "Can't go to police, besides that it would violate the code of the streets." Wiki calls this mission the "New York version of Friday"

The fourth track 'Parlay' is another quality track using an original vocal and beat sample of a funk-soul/smooth jazz record, and primarily using the 'Time for Work' instrumental off of Joe Budden's 'Rage and the Machine' album of 2016, which was fully produced by AraabMUZIK. This song is used to celebrate the joy of sitting back and Parlaying after a hard day of work.

The fifth and final track 'Facts 3' is record that is sure to piss off a substantial amount of  "Rap" fans. Wiki only wants to hear the truth being spoke and talked about in the streets, because that's what he spits in the booth. Most Rap fans (the youth) don't want to hear what's being said on the news. Droog is calling out all the rappers who don't know how to spit, or how to differentiate themselves with their rhymes and beat selections. He also calls out the fans of those "artists". "Talking real rap but they wouldn't know Hip-Hop if it came up and bit em on the ass" "Mad because they idolize the rap star and it makes it real clear that you didn't have a Dad." "That's what they had for a need, filled gap for the seeds who getting raised by WorldStar and Vlad." Droog is claiming to be the father of all the lost kids in the game. A song like this really makes it easier to determine who's a Hip-Hop fan, and who's a Rap fan. My favorite track on the project.

This was an amazing project to listen to over and over again. Smooth, real, street/gritty, Hip-Hop. It was killed 5 for 5.

Rhymes = 4/5

Content = 4/5

Beats = 4/5

Overall = 4/5

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