Big Mike - State Of Mind (Review)

New York MC 'Big Mike' is generating an undeniable buzz in the underground Hip-Hop scene from all over the world. His new album 'State of Mind' comes in nothing short of a miracle for me given the fact that I found out about him through seeing his music video for the single "State of Mind", which came up in the recommended section of my YouTube page.

The first track "State of Mind" Mike assassinates the banger of a beat with his lyrics, comes through with a serious hunger on the delivery and chip on his shoulder when he acknowledges any critics who judge his appearance by saying "And I don't give a fuck if you've been laughing cause I'm fat and white."

"Society" is a record where Mike spits depressing lyrics over a depressing beat, highlighting his shortcomings and those of society, pressures of living as a human being in the modern world, and the useless activities too many of us indulge in.

On "The Purpose" The MC speaks on what the purposes are behind him and his teams everyday grind, how they are the only ones working for what everybody seems to claim to want but won't grind for. He also lets you know just who he is and who he allows around him and tries to motivate you at the same time.

The big guy has no problem showing his softer side on "Coldhearted" where the subject is about how he's over and done with an ex sweetheart who is hoe that once had a good head on her shoulders, and is always nagging and trying to find her way back to Mike. The phone call outro really summed up how much of a pain the girl is and how fed up Mike is.

"Dion (Skit)" is a hilarious scene where a troll/fanboy who is desperately trying to get put on is completely wasting Mike's time.

"Pull Up" is Mike telling you what he and his crew are doing and what they'll be doing when the ball really starts rolling, which is parlaying, flossin' and flexin'.

The change of pace on this album begins on "Waves" ft. Lavish where Mike doesn't necessarily change his subject or delivery, it's just the addition of a feature and type of feature it is, only on the hook.

The change of pace continues with the banger "A-Team" where Mike shows just how far he has come since grinding at age 13, to now being with the right people, living it up and now looking forward to one day reaching the point of "making it" and rapping for Sway, going on The Breakfast Club, etc. All while also showcasing how technical and aggressive he can spit.

"Same Stuff" brings the core vibe of the album back with the beat and conscious lyrics of missing how things used to be back in the day where he and his boys used to do the same stuff, before they grew up and started to fade from each other.

With the closing song "365 Outro" Mike reflects on the last year of his career, where he is at now and it's where he gives credit to everybody was instrumental in the process of creating this album.

Considering the heartfelt conscious lyrics and delivery, the welcomed changes of pace, the relatable content, and the reception it's getting from the Hip-Hop community, this album will be looked back at one day as where it all started for Mike to reach his peak as an artist. This has a high chance to go down as my favorite indie project of 2017.


Rhymes = 3.5/5

Content = 3.75/5

Beats = 4/5

Overall = 3.75/5