Daye Jack - No Data [Album]

21 year old Daye Jack moved to Atlanta from Nigeria when he was 6 years old - he started tinkering around with computers and music in his bedroom and became obsessed with two things - hip hop and Steve Jobs - who he idealized as the ultimate success story.  After skipping grades at school, he got a scholarship to NYU's crazy competitive computer programming course and and fell into the art scene crowd here in NYC. One night, he was at a show at Bowery Ballroom when he got a call from Mike Elizondo (of Dr. Dre and Eminem ilk) who had heard some of the tracks Daye put online. Daye decided to take a chance and today he releases his stellar debut, "No Data".

Accompanied by his A.I, Sam as his “HypeWoman," Daye's message on "No Data" is clear - it's about being yourself and going hard at it, from the take-no-bullsh*t attitude of "Bully Bully" to the inspiring "Casino" that reminds you to take a gamble on yourself, or the go-for-gold theme of "Finish Line".