REMI ft Silent Jay - Contact Hi/High/I (Video)

Lifted off of REMI's album 'Divas and Demons', comes the Jam Nawaz directed visual to the Silent Jay featured stoner joint "Contact Hi/High/I".

I wrote this joint when I was living out of home, smoking waaaaay too much weed. One of my friends once told me: 'In Australia we have it so good, we’re afforded the liberty to stay childish for our whole lives'. Whether through drinking culture, drug culture, consumerism etc. I kinda noticed this in myself and wanted to just write about my childish mentality, and how it was being validated by my vices. Gotta send much love too my brother Silent Jay. Not only is he one of the most ridiculous talents I know, but he’s also family. He picked up the vibe immediately and really brought it home for me. You know your friend killed it, when you’ve heard a song 100’s of times, and then when they lay their shit down it becomes instantly brand new to you. I see you Nivea Knuckles. - Remi 
This one started with a chopped up soul sample, but kinda turned out quite synthy sounding in the end. Chucked a lil 808 snare on the backbeat, along with a live snare with the mic on the underside.  Again played some live hi-hats to give it the live bounce. Mr Silent Jay again blessed the joint with some beautiful keys and that voice. Smh. Thank you man. - Sensible J