Ryan Oddity - till the end X anima lib era (prod. Jinsang & Ameba)

Wisconsin's Ryan Oddity comes to us with his new 2 part single. Produced by both Jinsang and Ameba, the track starts with a really smooth, chill, happy feeling  guitar sample and drums that keep the beat rocking while Ryan speaks on getting over someone after a break up just moving on to better and bigger things and not tripping over shit.

"I put this part of the song together as ultimately the other perspective of what one might go through during those hard times after heart break, feeling lost, not knowing where to go or where they are headed. It seems all bad until the end I wrote a poem that sums up my thoughts on being lost... basically you have to be lost before you can find yourself and who you really are. I named the track anima libera with that in mind, meaning free spirit in latin. Much love!"