Tuarrah - Vistas

Producers Charlie Van Kirk and Christopher Marion began collaborating shortly after they met ten years ago in Boston, bonding over a mutual admiration for the music of D’Angelo, Radiohead and Björk, as well as the paintings of James Whistler and John Singer Sargent. With lead vocals by an enigmatic friend who wishes to remain anonymous, Tuarrah became three. Today, the trio releases its debut single "Vistas," from the band's forthcoming self-titled EP, set for release in March.

"'Vistas' was written from the perspective of the land on which a battle has taken place. The opening lines of the song: 'Maybe it's nobody's war, not even yours...' set up the reality that fighting is messy and that it displaces people from their homes. This is our attempt to view things through the lens of the displaced." - Charlie Van Kirk (of Tuarrah)