Uzee The Bovva King - Jazz & Vodka (Prod. by Grolok) EP

Uzee The Bovva King recently collaborated with the french Beatmaker Grolok Panicrum to deliver their new bangin' EP : Jazz & Vodka.

Counting ten powerful tracks, Jazz & Vodka goes around family Matters, girls with emotional instability, everyday  life and the roads some take to success. The title actually comes from the name of one of Grolok's instrumentals which they then later used to name the EP : because of Groloks jazzy samples and Uzee’s intoxicating flow. In a way, we can say that Grolok is Jazz and Uzee is Vodka.

Originally, Uzee and Grolok met on soundcloud when Uzee stumbled on his account and fell in love with Groloks work and also saw that Grolok was open for collaborations. After exchanging a few messages, work began with the first song ‘’One Day At A Time”. From then on, the two artists have been working together consistently releasing more songs through SounCloud.

It's always dope to hear Uzee's tracks and we were waiting for this EP here on Ok-Tho. Jazz & Vodka is now available on his SoundCloud page (check it out down below).