Your Old Droog - Packs (REVIEW)

What a 2017 Your Old Droog has had. From 'What Happened to Fire' with Wiki, to this more than exceptional second studio album 'Packs' which features 14 tracks.

'G.K.A.C. (Gotta Kill a Cop)' is a street tale that's reminiscent of 'Vigilantes' off 'What Happened to Fire'. The story is of a man who is driven to the murder of a cop due to paranoia from his high. The suspect was bound to be taken in, but he wasn't going out without dropping a few more pigs. He was then shot himself, knowing his run had come to an end, he "pressed Nicki's lips against his one last time" and offed himself.

'Grandma Hips' ft. Danny Brown was a track that like most that feature Danny, was stolen by Danny.

'Just An Interlude' ft. Chris Crack features a grand, monumental, glamorous, beautiful beat that is perfect to walk the streets at night to.

'White Rappers (A Good Guest)' should ruffle some feathers within the Hip-Hop community. The wavy, soul, funk drums and lavish swing jazz vibes are great. But the highlight here is unquestionably Droog speaking on color not mattering hip-hop, it's strictly about the bars and beats. Droog pays respect to Lord Jamar by referencing the Brand Nubian album 'One For All', using his vocal sample off of 'Wake Up, Reprise in the Sunshine', and using his vocals from the infamous VladTV  interview where Jamar addresses white rappers as being guests in the house of Hip-Hop.

'You Can Do It (Give Up)' has the MC speaking towards old friends who had all the talent, beauty and potential to reach their dreams, but blew it, didn't appreciate themselves and never realized their potential.

'Rapman' gears towards strictly being an MC. Not fake or wack. Droog lets it be known he's out to be the best by saying he's tired of these fans who try to make their idols proud, while he's trying to make his hero shit his pants when he hears him rap. This song reminds me of something MF DOOM would do.

All in all, whether it's street tales, braggadocio, or social hip-hop commentary, Your Old Droog is planting the seeds for his undeniable presence in the underground hip-hop scene to flourish even more.

Rhymes = 3.75/5

Content = 3.75/5

Beats = 3.5/5

Overall = 3.5 to a 3.75 out of 5.