A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory (REVIEW)

You can't talk about Hip-Hop and not mention arguably the greatest group it has to offer, A Tribe Called Quest. It's my pleasure to review another classic album and this week it's arguably Tribe's best work, The Low End Theory.  (I don't review all tracks on this classic review)

'Excursions' is a track where Tribe exemplifies the evolution of Hip-Hop and their involvement in it, and the importance of the Zulu Nation.

'Buggin Out' took me a while to love when I first heard it years ago. I love when Phife said "I never half step cuz I'm not a half stepper, drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper."

The Abstract makes it obvious to the 'Rap Promoter' that to get the Tribe, you have to take care of them.

'Butter' is one of my favorite songs on the album and favorite Tribe songs. It's Phife emceeing about going through girl after girl and eventually being got by a hoe, but he wasn't worried, he knows he'll come back better than ever because he's smooth like butter. Phife also speaks on girls coming after him even more since he has money, while all he wants is a real black woman. One of my favorite songs on the album and Tribe's song catalog.

'Verses from The Abstract' is Q speaking on the black, and conscious Hip-Hop community.

'Show Business' features Brand Nubian's own Lord Jamar & Sadat X, and Diggin in the Crates Crew's Diamond D. All MC's warn about how the business isn't as glamorous as it seems while Phife also throws in a jab at terrible rappers being signed by snake labels.

On 'Check the Rhime' Tribe is letting you know that you can't touch them on the Mic, and they know you're mad about it. Love the beat, another one of my favorites on the album and from Tribe period.

Jazz (We've Got) - Is amazing Jazz bap Hip-Hop. The message to take away from Tribe here would be while they provide the quality, you go out in buy it in quantity.

'Scenario' is the stand out gem of this album which features Leaders of the New School. Infamous Phife verse, Charlie Brown reminds me so much of Chuck D. Busta showcases himself and really breaks out here.

Personally, Midnight Marauders is my favorite Tribe album but I get why people say this is their best work. I can appreciate that this album paved the way for Midnight Marauders to follow. It's one of the at least 3 classic albums that Tribe released, it's an essential piece of the puzzle that is Tribe, their discography, Hip-Hop and music.

Rhymes = 4.5/5

Content = 4.5/5

Beats = 4/5

Overall = 4.25/5