Es - We Are Only Getting Older [Album]

Ontario rapper Es' 3rd released projec"We Are Only Getting Older", is a reflective album that explores the mindset of a 40 year old in today's youth driven landscape. With the landscape being both hiphop and life, Es speaks on the joys and pains of both from the perspective of a proud family man and hiphop enthusiast.

Filled with passion and thought provoking lyrics over hard hitting production sourced from different parts of the globe, this 17 track offering goes out to the fans of mature, substance based hiphop content.

Production and features include IV The Polymath, Mathematik, Das Da Beat Junkie, DJ Chris G, Pure Fact, Rel McCoy, Kelpi Nine, Michael Quigg, Arlene Paculan, Glad2mecha, DJ A-mu, Euphonic, DJ Kryme Won, Cygn, Nasr Beny, Jee, DJ Mercilless, Double Profit, DJ Rac-One, Jay Allen, God Sense Beats, I.Khan, Dr. Drumah, Wyze Intellect and Gov'nah.