Estee Nack & Friends - #MiniMansionDust Vol.1 [EP]

After releasing his first project as a solo artist, "14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack" in the summer of 2015, on Ill Adrenaline Records, Lynn, Massachusetts native and Tragic Allies member Estee Nack has been on a consistent artistic stream, coming upon his 3rd project along with a strong handful of exclusive loosies and collaborations since the release of his iconic solo debut.  A short while after the "14 Forms" release, Nack installed a studio in his West Lynn home(The Mini Mansion) and began recording songs and collaborations and working with various producers, namely Purpose, Relentless, al.divino and  the enigmatic "Mr. Rose".  

     Since then, he has released: "Black & White Jesus" with Relentless (Jan. 2016), Triple Black Diamonds with al.divino (Dec. 2016) and a strong list of exclusively released loosies and collaborations.  From this process many tracks were recorded on a whim, some were released, others were just sitting there, like dust.  

     This brings us to "#MiniMansionDust Vol.1" the EP, which is a selection of those "extra" joints, now released for the listeners pleasure.  However, one must be warned not to be foolish enough to write these off as mere "Throwaway tracks".  This project in fact gives the listener a seat on the Mini Mansion's leather recliners and shoves a fat spliff in their hands.  It also serves the purpose of setting a new standard for the Allies and stamping a new, unique sound and feel they have dubbed  "The Mini Mansion Dust" with producer "Mr. Rose" on the frontlines providing all but one of the backdrops on the EP(the other being produced by al.divino)..

     Finally, the "#MiniMansionDust Vol.1" features verses from Estee Nack, Codenine, Paranom, al.divino and Ghana's Recognize Ali and the production is mellow and melodic, yet hard and dusty, exemplifying the spirit of grind and assorted fly sh*t that eminates throughout the Mini Mansion and those who frequent the urban sanctuary.