Husser - Can't Blame Em (Official Video)

Husser, one-third of the collective known as The Posterz, emerged out of Montreal’s tight-knit Little Burgundy community. He is sure to build on this momentum with his upcoming single, “Can’t Blame ‘Em”. Though it was recorded closet of a hotel room in Paris, Husser sounds less restrained than ever on this track. While it loosely concerns itself with the dilemma that Husser faces when he’s out on the road and simultaneously trying to stay faithful to the girl he left back home, the song eventually makes some wacky lyrical digressions, in classic Husser fashion. The instrumental is anchored by a grimy bass line and live-sounding drums courtesy of JO A.

The song’s music video is unlike anything Husser has ever put out before. It follows an abstract narrative that finds him going head-to-head with the dark side of the upper echelons of society. Also somewhere along the way he hooks up with a waitress and pays tribute to Steve Jobs. Huss has stated that he hopes the video will bump up his status to that of an international sex symbol. Whether or not this happens, there’s no denying that the dude knows how to rock a turtleneck and dad-jeans while waving around a first-generation iPhone.

As his forthcoming solo debut, “Geto Rock for the Youth” enters its final stages of development; “Can’t Blame ‘Em” serves as a little taste of what Husser has in store for us.