Joey Aich - Rope Break (prod Arkutec)

Woodmere Village rapper Joey Aich comes to us with his newest single "Rope Break", which will be featured on his upcoming project, If Money Grew on Trees. The track is produced by Arkutec of Kansas City and is what he calls an "anthem for dreamers". 

A little back story about the single:

" When I wrote it I was at a dark time. I was unemployed waiting for checks from shows to come in. Using that money to pay a car note and unsuccessfully funding my dream. I was watching my best friends and peers get good stabilizing jobs in their field and I felt stuck trying to make my dream come true. At that point in time I made a decision that I was going to boss up and handle my business. I pulled out my phone and typed "back against the wall, last name against the ropes." This song is a reminder to myself that during the worst times I can't give up. I want my audience to hear these words and realize their dreams are achievable as well and to never give up."