King Magnetic - Everything Happens 4 A Reason [Album]

Armed with a huge voice and powerful lyricism, King Magnetic is proving to be a substantive force in the underground Hip-Hop scene that birthed him. And with his sophomore album, Everything Happens 4 A Reason, the Allentown, PA native has firmly cemented himself within the circles of rap greats that he can now call his own.

Many of the genre’s greatest works possess a clear concept or outline for what you’re about to hear on the album’s intro track, and this record is no different. Opener “EH4AR” sets the tone with immediacy and passion thanks to Mag’s equally thoughtful and braggadocious bars: “I was in and out of jail, now I’m in and out of jets/ Invest a lot checks, so I’m in and out of debt/ Sinnin’ out of stress, spinnin’ out of control/ You was gettin’ out of school, I was gettin’ on parole.” 

There’s a clear self-awareness to Mag on the entirety of the 14-track album, and it’s what makes his music so engaging. That applies when he’s bodying wack rappers and their crews on the one-two punch of “Cash 4 Catastrophe” and “Suckas Can’t Relate”; throwing a couple back on “Drunk Right Now” and “#nomorepartiesinsantafe” (feat. 3T3N); or trading verses with legends on “Dirty Old Man” with R.A. The Rugged Man, and “Alone” with Slug and Masta Ace.

It’s his depth beyond pure bravado and hedonism that makes Mag so relatable, and why Everything Happens 4 A Reason is such an important listen. And those qualities are most evident on the album’s closing track, “I’ll Show You,” a soulful and eye-opening cut produced by Astronote that features singer Dink and Wu-Tang member Cappadonna. Mag and Cap are actually touring partners, and one can only hope they spread the track’s message onstage together.