Merkules - Mask Off Remix (Future)

Merkules is well known for dropping huge remixes of famous tracks on his YouTube channel, and it's very varied. It goes from Ed Sheeran, to The Chainsmokers.
Recently, he bashed (and in a very good way) Future's recent title Mask Off and HOLY SH*T, it's an absolute banger !

For those of you who don't know who Merkules is, you better start paying attention because he is absolutely destroying everything he lays is voice on.

Coming from Surrey, British Columbia, the 24 years old artist started rapping when he was 16. He soon left his marks in Vancouver's Hip Hop scene and all over Canada. Connecting everyday with his fans on various social media, Merkules is well known for expressing a variety of emotions through his tracks (especially since he got attacked when he was 16, leaving scars on his face). Still, we all love him for being this eccentric character that he is.

Constantly touring, mainly in Canada and in Europe, Merk' has been sharing the stage with notorious artists such as D12, Raekwon, Hopsin, XZibit, and many more.

He already released a few EPs and four LPS (Canadian Bacon, Hunger Pains, Scars and recently, Trust Your Guts). Constantly working on some new material, we are loving everything this guy releases and we want more !

In the meantime, check out his last LP Trust Your Gut, available on his official website and the video down below for his remix of Mask Off by Future.

Beware of the next Canadian Hip Hop star