OddKidOut + 1403 - Full Circle [EP]

Fed up with hearing the neo-soul sound of Philadelphia being played, distributed and celebrated in almost every corner of the world except its birthplace and his hometown, OddKidOut, decided to make this frustration known.  Expressing this anger to his longtime friend, mentor, collaborator and executive producer of the “Full Circle” EP, Mitch Beer, Mitch suggested that OddKidOut do something about it and reclaim the neo-soul sound for his city. 
Wondering how he could pay homage to the neo-soul sound while still maintaining the electronic modernism of his sound, Mitch suggested that they pull in London-based artist, 1403 to bring the soul on every track OddKidOut cut. 
With 1403 landing in Philly on a Friday and leaving the following Friday, Mitch, OddKidOut and 1403 only had a solid seven days to hunker down, get in the studio, and jam out.  What was born in those seven days was the “Full Circle” EP.

“Our mindset on the EP was to create music that was true to us. We didn’t want to create something that everyone has already heard before. Drawing on inspirations from space, the sea, and many more, we were able to effectively create a project that had influences from a plethora of concepts”. -OddKidOut