Petrelli Brothers - Ghost Diaries [Mixtape]

Petrelli Brothers originate from York and consist of Lego & Spee Six Nine, together they present their debut LP 'Ghost Diaries'. Both are experienced solo artists who joined forces due to a mutual love of classic Boom Bap Hip Hop. 

Lego (one of Don’t Flop's original battle rappers) has been busy mastering the MPC and is now armed with a massive catalogue of beats to be used at any given moment. An experienced freestyler, he can rock any crowd large or small. Spee brings a unique blend of witty punchlines and strangely good metaphors and has currently been working with Bigg Taj (one of the UK’s finest beatboxers).

With their second release of the year, the duo drop the 10 track "Ghost Diaries" which features Natrill, Double Deuce, Deeviant, Kiks and Kritikal.