#ProducersCorner: info56 - Southwest

Producer and MC Info arrives with his instrumental debut Southwest, a 40-minute journey into the sound and emotion of his part of Detroit, experienced through his eyes and ears. A combination of funk, soul, boom-bap, Detroit slap, and the unclassifiable are all cooked up into a hand-crafted audio experience. The entirety of Southwest finds Info effortlessly jumping between genres from track to track, always sounding squarely in his own lane with his own touch.
The project is a nod to the neighborhood that raised him but also a message for the future; A reminder that you won't get where you're headed if you don't know where you're from.

"The future of detroit hip hop, joining the ranks of many greats in true fashion continuing our soulful legacy, with his own ideas.. finding his own way in a society that says otherwise. ENJOY." dezandres(DJDEZ)