Rexx Life Raj's Newest Video Pairs Yosemite Greatness With Clean Animation

Often dubbed one of Berkeley's favorite dads, Rexx Life Raj is a prominent leader in the current wave of up and coming East Bay musical artists. His lyrics are reflective and honest and hold a certain lived wisdom characterized by the sort of patience readily found in people of older generations.

In this latest video and track "Handheld GPS" produced by JULiA LEWiS, directed by Gino Mancuso & Javari Jackson, and animated by Chris Hurtt, Rexx Life Raj dons an A's cap and stands in Yosemite Valley. It's really a beautiful video with the Yosemite rocks dwarfing the arguably larger than life rapper and Hurtt's clean and simple animations highlighting the natural shapes rather than diminishing or distracting from them. The new video actually gives me a similar feel to one of the rapper's previous "Running Man" video, which pictured him biking through Berkeley. That is, a sense of outdoor freedom rooted in the bigness of the outside and our ability to access it.

Check it out:

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