Stro - Brownsville Freestyle (prod Coopatroop)

After the warm reception to his first single, "From Me", Stro is back with a lofty follow-up.
The vinyl fuzz crackle that fills the background beginning at the first kick of Stro’s “Brownsville Freestyle” is pretty telling of what’s to come. Dropping references to Big, Jay, and ODB all within three minutes, the 20-year-old rapper finds more interest in New York’s past than in referencing current styles of rap. But this track isn’t too concerned with proving anything or winning belts—it’s just chill.

“That’s one of the reasons I called this song ‘Brownsville Freestyle. A lot of my music is super lyrical, but the way I rap on this song is how we rapped at the lunch table in school back in Brownsville. It’s just a vibe.”

Expect Stro's Grade A Frequencies Friday, April 21st.