Joell Ortiz Takes On "Rap Millionaires" On New Track

Joell Ortiz is a true giant when it comes to emceeing and rhymes. He held his own in the group Slaughterhouse alongside big-time rhymers Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9" and Crooked I. The Brooklyn wordsmith is back with a new track titled "Rap Millionaire". He's decided to speak on the current state of rap and it's lack of substance. He's preaching to the choir on this one, as I totally agree with this. Joell is about getting respect as a lyricist and not the fame and cashing in. You have to respect an emcee with this outlook. He stays true to the art of lyricism, which can seem lost in today's popular Hip Hop.

Joell displays crazy wordplay as you would expect, going in on these "rap millionaires" and how they operate, with rhymes like:

I'm used to the stories, I get it, Joell I'm busy,
My new record is spinnin so much that it got me dizzy,
And I'm about to hit the road for a minute, I'm on my grizzly,
And I'm barely in your city,
Translation, you a grizzly,
I can't bare hearing you tear me into little pieces on my beat, so bare with me because I'm scared silly,
!llmind was on the production, using smooth jazzy horns with soft drums and claps, creating an organic backdrop for Joell's lyrical assault.

Written by DJ Sub-T

Also contributing to Hip Hop Authority