Noveliss - Dilla Instinct [EP REVIEW]

Last year in 2016 around this time Detroit MC 'Noveliss' dropped his 9 track 'Mic Swordz' EP, which blew me away at a time where I was burnt out on Hip-Hop and exploring further in to other genres, that project brought me right back in to a Hip-Hop mood. So after making a great first impression, I was very excited to see if the man could go 2/2 with his newest 5 track EP 'Dilla Instinct', and he did not disappoint.

'Knock Em Out' is the intro track that welcomes you to Dilla Instinct and Noveliss. Much like a couple other songs on the project, this is a braggadocios MC joint.

'What You Got For This' is braggadocios as well but on a smoother tip and is one of my two favorite songs.

'Left Alone' is the most politically and socially charged track on this effort where Noveliss touches on Trump, the confederate flag, and even asks "How you love rap but still disgusted by pro black shit?" On a personal note, Noveliss said on this track that "(rapping) this my way to continue writing" and not let his mother down.

'Fantastic' is simply so Dilla, so Hip-Hop. Arguably my favorite song.

The outro track 'Point Guns at Magneto' ft. Nolan the Ninja hits the run home for this album when both MC's bring their finest out of each other.

Noveliss is giving me no reason to not be excited for his next effort, he's 2/2 and I have no reason fear that he won't follow this effort up and go 3/3.

Rhymes = 3.5/5

Content = 3.75/5

Beats = 3.5/5

Overall = 3.5/5

Video Review on YouTube below