Billy Woods - Known Unknowns (REVIEW)

In a 18 track juggernaut, Backwoodz MC Billy Woods keeps it dark, ambient at times, alternative/experimental, and even industrial on his new album "Known Unknowns".

Musically, I have to shine light on the tracks "Bush league" "Super Predator" "Everybody Knows" "Police came to my show" "Gaz Pacho" "Source Awards" and "Strawman" for standing out and ranging from sounds of traditional Hip-Hop, the harmonica, dark and eerie vibes, upbeat groove, the guitar, soul, and even alternative/experimental Hip-Hop and Rock. Some of these tracks will have more light shined on them for other reasons below.

Now I want to shine light on tracks that impress me lyrically, subject-wise, the story I felt I was on while listening to them, etc.

"Unstuck" is Billy speaking on how he became unstock in time on his tenure on planet earth, in the middle of a galaxy of many.

"Wonderful" is a lyrical gem with star studded features from Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman.

On "Super Predator" Billy tells a story about a man who killed what he loved, so he had to die.

"Groundhogs Day" is where Billy talks about his usual morning is him waking and baking, and how his morning routine is ruined when his weed guy found out.

"Everybody Knows" is arguably my favorite track because of the dark vibe, and the dark lyrics and delivery about a man being known about. Every flaw about him his known by everybody. Billy claims nobody knows him because he's dead to the earth.

"Police came to my show" is fun, upbeat, funny, and has a point to it. Billy seems to have a chip on his shoulder but maintains focus when he sees the cops show up to his show, and don't buy anything or stick around so he can hear how they felt about the show.

Billy reminds me of MC Ride from the Death Grips on the track "Cheap shoes".

And the last track I want to speak on is "Keloid", a dark story about slave tendencies keep people up and running, and lack of friends and communication.

I really enjoy this project, it fits my personality, diverse but not all over the place.

Rhymes = 3.5/5

Beats = 3.75/5

Content = 3.75/5

Overall = 3.75/5