Dex Amora: "Doors Open" (SINGLE)

Dex Amora is one of the most talented emcees I’ve come across in a while, he may be new to you, but he’s a veteran in this. He’s dropped numerous projects over the span of his career and now he’s back with “Doors Open”. In this new stretch of music Dex seems to be doing a bit more experimenting. Usually when you hear that from an artist, you get a huge change, not just in the music but in personality and how they carry themselves. With “Doors Open” Dex is clearly messing with different sounds and melodies but at the end of the day, I still felt I was listening to a track by Dex Amora.

Check out “Doors Open” below and let me know what you think. Keep your ears perked though because Dex has a lot more coming soon. Make sure you stay tuned though, Dex is currently working on an album with long time friend goldenbeets.